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Discrimination based on the gender of employees is illegal in the UK, under the Equality Act 2010. The protection afforded by the legislation to employees is extensice and covers not only recruitment, but also in terms of further training and being considered for promotion in the working environment.

We at Employment Law Edinburgh have a long history of working with employees who are concerned that they have been the subject of discrimination because of their gender. Employers are obliged to have a framework in place to guard against instances of gender discrimination, and procedures for dealing with complaints that an individual has been the subject of gender discrimination.

Gender Discrimination is quite complex and does not only cover instances where an individual is treated less well because of their gender, or the gender of those that they have good working relations with. Gender discrimination can include instances where a particular working practice which applies to all employees has a particularly damaging effect on individuals of a specific gender; where an individual is subjected to undesirable behaviour which has a negative impact on them or their environment; or where an employee is treated less well because they have complained of gender discrimination in the past, or have supported another's complaint.

It is always advisable that where you believe that where you believe that you have been the subject of discrimination because of your gender, you should discuss this with your employer. The hope is that the matter can be resolved without the need to resort to more formal legal measures. However if you believe that the matter must be brought before an Employment Tribunal, the team of specialist employment lawyers at Employment Law Edinburgh are ready to assist you. We draw on our insight and expertise in the field to pursue your claim, and aim to provide you with a just and satisfactory outcome.

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Discrimination can be a complicated area legally in terms of employment law implications. If you feel that you may have been affected by sex discrimination in the workplace then please contact us to discuss your situation. We will advise you and represent you if required.

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