Successive decades of employment law legislation have been passed by Parliament with a view to protecting employees from unscrupulous employers. Workers now have significant protection within the workplace and remedies available should a workplace issue arise, or if termination of the employment relationship occurs in unfair circumstances. Our site provides guidance for employees on a number of employment law areas affecting employees such as discrimination, redundancy and unfair dismissal.

Expert Legal Advice for Employees on Workplace Issues

At Employment Law Edinburgh we routinely advise employees on all manner of workplace disputes and difficulties. Work takes up so much of our lives and when issues arise within the workplace the consequences for the employee can be massive, either in terms of stress levels or financially. Accordingly we treat each enquiry from an employee with great respect and care. Employment law can be complex and often time is required to understand the nature of the employment law issue that you may have and to then advise on how that difficulty is best resolved. We will take that time and guide you through the processes involved to bring a remedy to your workplace problem.

It may be that quite quickly we can tell you that you have a claim to make or possibly that you are not in a position to do so (as strict time limits can apply). If your situation appears to be an involved one then we will advise how we can help, the costs involved in progressing matters and the usual timescales that apply to cases of your type. You will incur no costs whatsoever until you have formally instructed us to act on your behalf and you will only do so after having been given full initial advice from one of our solicitors.

Contact our Specialist Solicitors at Employment Law Edinburgh

If you are an employee in need of legal advice regarding a problem at work then please contact Employment Law Edinburgh for assistance.

CONTACT US TODAY on a no obligation basis either by calling 0131 322 1032 or complete our online enquiry form.

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