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In the UK it is illegal to discriminate against employees in the workplace because of their age. The law in this area is set down by the Equality Act 2010, and the protection it affords employees is extensive – not only current employees, but also job applicants and trainees are protected against age discrimination.

The Equality Act makes any of the following kinds of age discrimination illegal;

  • Direct Discrimination

Direct Discrimination is where an employer treats someone who is protected by the legislation less well because of their age. Direct Discrimination also includes being treated less well, because of the age of people that employees associate with or have good working relationships with.

  • Indirect Discrimination

Where there is a practice of Indirect Discrimination in the workplace, there is normally some kind of company policy or procedure that is said to apply to all employees. However in practice, that policy may have a particularly negative impact on certain employees because of their age.

  • Harassment

Harassment is where there is a kind of behaviour exhibited towards an individual because of their age, and this a negative impact on that individuals dignity or affects the working environment.

  • Victimisation

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Instances of Victimisation are where an individual is treated less well, because they have supported or made a complaint about age discrimination in the past.

It would be advisable for anyone who thinks they have a claim regarding age discrimination, to speak their employer with before they consider taking further action. We at Employment Law Edinburgh can advise you on how to approach the matter with your employer, and how to go about pursuing the claim before an Employment Tribunal.

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