If an employee wishes to pursue a claim, such as one for unfair dismissal against a previous employer, then the claim would be heard by an Employment Tribunal. Employment tribunals are similar to courts although less formal. Evidence though is still given by relevant witnesses under oath. At the conclusion of evidence the Tribunal will after deliberation produce a written decision outlining if the claim has been successful and any award of compensation that is due.

Making a claim to an Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunals hear claims about matters such as unfair dismissal, allegations of discrimination and disputes about redundancy or wage payments. Proceeding to a full Tribunal hearing is often a last resort as normally efforts will have been made to resolve the difficulty prior to a full hearing. ACAS will become involved and the solicitors involved will often attempt to secure a compromise which is acceptable to all. If this cannot occur then full evidence will be heard before the Tribunal.

Employment Tribunal Representation

Our employment lawyers have years of experience in representing clients at Employment Tribunals. Our role is to discuss the circumstances that led to the claim being made, investigate fully and to prepare a case to be heard before the Tribunal. Throughout we will advise you of progress being made and of any negotiations that are taking place regarding resolving the matter in advance of the hearing. We act at all times to protect and promote your interests.

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