The concept of Equal Pay in the UK has been protected in the UK for a long time. The latest piece of legislation, the Equality Act 2010, affords the greatest protection for Equal Pay in the workplace.

The legislation requires that where employees are involved in "like work" or work that is found to be of equal value in terms of the effort or skills involved, employers must give men and women exactly the same treatment including the same rate of pay. If you are an employee and you think that you are not receiving equal pay that you are entitled to, the team at Employment Law Edinburgh may be able to help you.

Equal Pay Claims

Discovering that you are receiving less than a colleague for putting in the same amount of work can be devastating, but we can help. If believe you are being paid less, or are in receipt of less favourable employment terms than a colleague of the opposite sex in your place of work place, and this person is in a comparable role, you may beable to bring an equal pay claim at an Employment Tribunal

Our experienced employment lawyers will build a strong case on your behalf, and guide you through your equal pay claim. We know that this may be an emotional and confusing time for you, and that making a claim against your employer may seem intimidating. However, we will support you at each stage of the process proving practical advice and understanding. . To discuss your specific case with a member of our team, call us now on 0131 322 1032 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you. 

What types of payments does the legislation cover?

The most obvious type of payment covered by the legislation is wages. However, the sex equality clause can also apply to overtime, bonus pay, sick pay, holiday pay and pension benefits.

What is a "comparator"?

The fundemental principle of the equal pay legislation is equal pay for equal work. To bring an equal pay claim, an employee must be able to point to a "comparator". A comparator must be someone of the opposite sex who worked for the same employer as the Claimant. Recent case law has found that the comparator does not have to work in the same location as the Claimant.

What type of equal pay claims can be brought?

There are three types of equal pay claims that can be brought in the Employment Tribunal: like work; work rated as equivalent and work of equal value. "Like work" means work that is broadly the same. "Work related as equivaled" is work that has been found to be equivalent under a Job Valuation Scheme. Job Valuation Schemes are commonly carried out by local authorities. There have recently been several high profile challenges of local authority Job Valuation Schemes. "Work of equal value" claims require the Employment Tribunal having an independent job valuation expert compare jobs to consider whether they are of equal value.

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The team at Employment Law Edinburgh are very familiar with the terms of equality legislation, and are regularly involved in equal pay claims. If you believe that you have a claim, contact our specialist employment lawyers now to have a confidential discussion about your situation.

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